March 16th 2013, was my first day attending the monastery event; “Reflect on Death” instructed by Thay Thich Chanh Tri (Thay) at Chua Vietnam Boston.
Most of us do not want to talk about the topic of death because we do not want to hurt the feelings of others. In fact, we have all struggled with many difficult situations from the time we were born, but the most difficult situation is the certainty of death. Thay helped us to deal with our fear of death and to accept death as an event that would happen naturally.

Thay taught me that death is not the end of this life but rather death is a transition to the new life. In general, our soul leaves the old life at physical death and continues to be reborn in many different realms. Depending on each individual’s level of energy and raw power and karma, his/her soul would be reborn to one of the six realms of the reincarnation or go to the Western Realm of Bliss where the soul would continue to practice with Sri Amitabha Buddha.
It is very difficult for us to accept this concept of the reincarnation. At school, I was taught the mathematical theories which are influenced by scientific models. Practically, most of the things scientists invented are of benefit to our real life. On the other hand, the reincarnation of souls which was pointed out by Gautama Buddha more than 2,500 years ago has not been proven by scientists. However, religion can be based on our belief which can give us spiritual benefit. Apparently, our scientists recognized the limitation of our technology. Therefore we could not explain everything that has been happening in the universal and we are continuing the advancement of science and technology.

Accordance to the vision of the Gautama Buddha, Thay draw up the directions to plan and prepare our life later. On my part, I believe that what the Buddha said is true. My curious character allows me to enhance my knowledge in the sciences as well as the spirit worlds. If we try to research and observe what is currently happening around us, we would understand more about the world and enjoy our life.

Minh Giang